Friday, July 25, 2008

Quote #3

I believe this phrase is synonym with all of us especially me.
I would add that sacrification does pay when we don't grumble too much during our "pain" days. I'm not perfect either and admit that I did some gripe and grouse during those days though. But, along the way, to whom we should go back and rely? To the Almighty of course. Thanks God for making my mind and heart calm and committed.

Thanks to the pain that taught me much meaningful life to head for quality days. And most af all, thanks to the Almighty.

O Lord, grant us the syukran heart and don't make us easily forget the things that we have to remember most.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pause... to contemplate

Al Fatihah to Ammar's friend (classmate and futsal mate), Raja Khalish aka Kellish, who passed away yesterday evening due to accident. Semoga Allah merahmatimu dan ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan orang-orang yang beriman. Tempatmu di syurga, insyaAllah. Amin.

I'm so touched with the incident and how he died. Still feel nervous, shock and sad till this time.
Only abah, Ammar and Aqil went to hospital last night. They described to me how he looked like. Ya Allah, jauhkan kami dari mala petaka itu. We three (me, Ammar and Aqil) hardly slept last night. I asked them to recite Surah Al Fatihah many times.

To Kim and wife, be strong and please remember, Allah has taken away him from you because He loves him and this must be for the best reasons.


Monday, July 7, 2008

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was clearing up the things in some boxes under the bed to make spick and span (perhaps perhaps perhaps) when I hit upon my 1993 diary. Covered with Sparky (ASU mascot), bought it at ASU bookstore. Went through page by page while trying to recall the episodes. Haha.
● my first rental apt was Stanley Place
● bought the mountain bike (new)
● lost the mountain bike
● bought another one (second hand)
● riding bike to Mervyn's ..shopped my first Guess watch there

... etcetera and etcetera

Still remember, this time should be a summer time there. Very hot but not humid. The wind was blowing. Hot but no sweat. Had still to cover ears in the morning when going outside.
Friends said no need to boil egg during Summer at Phoenix, Arizona. Just put outside for 5 minutes, take it and can see it's already cooked. Taaraa..can eat already. But I never try..tee hee. Can pluck, but not play, the oranges from the balcony of my apt. But oucchhh , so sour. Can make marmalade haaa... Hmmph, why never came to my mind to do the recipe?

During summer, it was obvious that our skin would get darker especially the part that we hadn't covered, such as hands and face. And there's always a stripe skin color at my right hand with a watch shape, haha. Don't worry, come winter, the darker part will become fair or back to our normal skin color. Winter at central Arizona is very nice. People from snowing place would love to come here during the season. To play snow, just 2 hours drive to northen Arizona and add up another one and the half drive to reach Grand Canyon. To go to cowboy town, go down to southern Arizona, about 3 hours drive. High Chaparral, the cowboy drama series were done there.

And what's more, since not so many Malay in ASU, I felt so bored during Summer holiday. Thus, bought a ticket and flied to Pennsylvania, about 2-3 hrs journey, meeting a good friend there. We then headed to NY by train. Statue of Liberty was the first target. Climbed up to the top of its crown with the hope of viewing NY from above, nevertherless..hahahahha..Mc, still remember? Just a small window for the size of our face...peek a while...hurry, hurry, hot somemore, people behind's turn, then going down. A waste of time! But that was 15 yrs ago. How's now?

Not to forget, World Trade Center (WTC). Now, it's history... was bombeb on Sept 2001. I do have the picture of WTC with me.. photographed in front of the entrance and also the transaction slip when I did ATM transaction there. Keep it soundly in my album :) has been 13 yrs since I left Phoenix. But I just feel like 5 or 6 years ago.
Like I just was giving birth to my first child a yr ago, but tara, he's already 9. And feel like just got married yesterday. come giving birth first before marrying. Nonsense, gibberish thinking.. tee hee.
But I don't feel like I was born yesterday or last month. I admit I'm in my thirties now ;)

Frankly, my reminiscences in high school are strong and be keen on to memorize the activity/happening and events there rather than other places. Maybe because I was 5 yrs there compare to my college and university times.
There's so many memories in high school that I couldn't disregard and keep retaining. How we ran away from our warden, hiding under study table and some get in the locker and some might hide in the toilet for not going to night prep. The best part, tee hee, there's a person to admire and be admired. Couldn't start studying without even a glimpse of a secret admirer. Be in love and clashed and be in love with another person. Opsss..not me ok. But that is a tradition or can we say a practice in boarding or high school?... infatuation! Puppy Love! (why not Monkey Love?)

To my ... , to name so manyyyy:
SKTT Arau (primary school), MRSM BP (boarding school), MARA College of Higher Education Seremban (Intensive English Course), Mara Community College Kuantan (American Associate Degree Program), ASU and all that I declared friends (colleagues, ex-colleagues, neighbors, etc)

thanks for being my friends and thanks for still keeping in touch.

So much to narrate indeed, but blab and tattle are not advised to hahh.......
let me keep to myself long