Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rush home part II

It was about 6.00 pm last Monday. I was about to take my wudhu’ to have my Asaar before heading home when I heard my Cuppycake ring again.

Me: Hello

Maid: Ibukkk…. Buk.. ^*# blabla^$$#@* Mata baby berdarah bukk… (heard the baby was crying out loud)

Me: What? Why? Say again! [translate to Malay]

Maid: Ngak tahu buk! Dia bangun dari tidur..kemudian genyehkan matanya…blabla&8^%$ (the rest I didn’t understand)

Me: Can you please speak slowly, say it again..blood in eye or beside the eye? [of course conversed in Malay]

Maid: blablabala&*^%4&&

Oh my God! What was this lady saying?

Me: ngak pa pa…ibu balik, ibu balik! [that’s true! I conversed in Indon language]


Not completed taking the wudhu’, I decided to go home straight away. Nervous! Panic! Confuse, curious and furious also!

Called Mr A to go home first as he surely would reach home faster than me due to the office distance.

About half way to reach home, Mr A called and told that the baby is OK. Hannah accidentally scratched her hemangioma. The blood has vanished by then. Bikin suspen ini maid.
But, I know she has done her work as I always remind her to call and tell me if anything happens to baby. Only was, she called and told me in hurriedly way and hastily voice, and that made me felt irritate.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I can do it without it

I can commence and complete my dragged works this morning with resist to go back to internet. Yes, I can! Means, I can survive without it albeit not easy. Tee hee..
Alas, my HP also couldn’t log in to internet as it was running out of the battery. My USB cable was left back home. Huh, what a day!
But, thanks to Time, they managed to fix the internet line back to normal. Not to refute, I was trying to play around with IE icon xx times when suddenly, it popped up to my default address of Google, meaned, the internet was back to work. So, here I am.

But I’m proud as I could reconcile my long bin log and tidy up my table during the offline time. There’s a hikmah lie behind it, isn’t it? So, this is one of the hikmah.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Commercial Break...

Mrs "Gadget things" is now interested in one of the new release things.
I'm more into gadget things and that means by hook or by crook I'll get the thing I desired. But $$$$$ does matter. Tee hee. Not that I'm giving up of my current HP iPAQ. It's because I'm impressed with the technology in this iPhone. A friend of mine has offered me for the same price bought at US. That's interesting!
What important to me is, this gadget can access to internet, same as I have now plus other attractive functions. Internet access is so vital to me as I can surf while laying on the couch or bed or while breastfeeding or even in the toilet. Huh, this woman is terrible!

But am still thinking whether to accept the offer or not. The current one is still OK although there's some scratch, scrape and mark here & there (it's because of the nasty me!). And most important thing it's a gift from Mr. A. Should keep it 4-eva.



Will be my next in line for LV series (or in my imagination?). This large format has a chic and contemporary look. Awfully spacious enough for me to dump Hannah's clothes, bottle and diapers ;)


Almost every night, while laying, I determine not to procrastinate the office works, housechores, etcetera.
That I, will arrive early at the office tomorrow and have ample time to sip a mug of milo, spruce up my workstation before starting my ‘manies’ routine.

BUT, all the wishes are always THE WISHES for some various reasons.
Come morning, I hurriedly do (have to) something (something abt housechores) but not the one that I wished last night. Look at the watch, wahhh late already to office.

I usually don’t take a chance to glance my watch when I tap my mifare card on the door access system. Just for the simple reason that I don’t like to know what time I’m getting in to the office as I know time makes amends and time does mend.

Sit on the chair..oh yeah, ring here, ring there. Cordless phone ring is, habitually, from my boss or my account girl and HP ring is, commonly, from my customer. Entertain them on the phone before heading to pantry for stomach warming.

Get back to workstation, look the list-to-do and recall the requests on the phone just now. OK, I’LL DO! Wait... email first! Check anything on works relevant but cannot resist to open other email from friends. Wink! There might be announcement email, knowledge email, contemplation email or even joke email. At least they give me some amusement to start my day. Oh yes, some may make my day, others... for me to know, for you to find out...

With the name of GOD, I start my work.

Stuck, no idea, boring, can’t reach this people for information, etc? Just give me 10 minutes for commercial break a.k.a surf the net. For 10 minutes only OK. That job still can be prolonged until a day before the due date. Haahhh….that’s answered!

I came across a phrase that translate the word of PROCRASTINATION. It says hard work often pays off after time, but laziness often pays off now. In my 2 cents view, procrastination is not laziness and laziness is not procrastination. We put off one thing not because of we lazy but instead we do other things first while we still adhere to the earlier things that we delay. We must have objective and timeline, only is our schedule is always amended (due to putting off thing). Wink!

Due to procrastination, one might left the job undone or still done but at the very last minute. The latter is "somewhat" my attitude. But I agree with my last minute job as it is more creative and artistic be it reporting, proposal or write up. Thank you for my own complimentary (tee hee). Yahh, always praise ourselves for our own good job isn't it? As boss rarely do this to us. Oh, just think that, it pays off to our procrastination..huhu.

I encountered a description about procrastination as being a beautiful art. Is it?

"What started me off thinking deeper about procrastination was just the simple fact that I have been procrastinating for a long time on a really, simple task, which got me thinking that procrastination is not as simple as it seems! "

Yes, really beautiful.

Friday, June 6, 2008


This morning after final touch up to office, and was about to get down the stairs, Ammar woke up and reminded me, "mummy, jangan lupa bawa kad mami or else mami tak boleh masuk ofis lagi". Oh ya, thanks dear. So sweet of you for recapping me. This boy has been more concern about his mummy, his abah, Aqil and Hannah lately. I can see his "becoming matured attitude" has intruded into himself inch by inch.

Talking about Superwoman, once my ENT specialist at APSH said to me that I was the kind of woman who wanted to be a Superwoman .
Why was he said that?
Because he said I wanted to do all things in one time (after listening to my case/story).
Was it true?
Might be yes, might be NOT!

This syndrome comes ON and OFF as it got to do with time and task ->I think. OR that’s only my view, others might be different. Either in office or at home when I (or you?) have many things to do but with little time left, my brain will become haywire. I’m doing A stuff, suddenly think about B stuff. Stop doing A stuff, but instead of going to do B stuff, do the G stuff. While doing G stuff, oh gosh, there’s T stuff must be completed soon. Having 1 or more maids, it doesn’t solve the syndrome either. Then, I don’t need a maid, do I? Still need but not all jobs we can totally pass to her. Me said, she might not as capable or as efficient or as competent as me.
“Roy, kau ni jenis tak harap orang buat,” once my friend said to me. STILL ONLY ME WILL DO!

Here at office, the same syndrome happens as I’m the only 1 in my division. I’m the boss? I’m the coolie? The answer is might be both. And sometimes I’m in A dept, sometimes I’m in B dept and sometimes I’m in C dept. That shows I do works not only pertaining to my related works. Staff from A, B and C departments also come to me “for something”. At last, I do all, for better or worse. But don't assume to be like this :

“Roy, kau ni jenis tak harap kat org,” once my colleague told me. STILL ONLY ME WILL DO!

No, I’m not superwoman or trying to be a superwoman .

I just want to be a woman who can do appropriate task, help each other and serve better from day to day with a little grumble and complain. For that I need to reschedule and adjust my timetable and be more discipline. Don't moan, grumble and complain too much WOMAN, for that will slower our jobs!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fast and Furious

This is my another tale of fast and furious part XXth. Could be more than 10 times just for these last 2 weeks. There were so many reasons to this title and scene. Some are significant and some just could be leaved it as they were.

The chapter for today is the forget-the-important-thing made me return fast home while feeling furious. The story begun when I’ve already at gate barrier reader going down to basement parking when I, alas, realized it the pocket casing that I slot my access card was left back home. Grouchh!! (Please don’t make me curse with hussy word, I pray to God always for that). There’s also other cards like ATM card and Mifare card to access to my office as well in there. What to do? I’d to go home no matter what as I planned to withdraw my money also WITH My ATM CARD.

What a day! I tried to control the usage of my petrol as the $$ has risen to 41%. Mennn! The more I want to control, the more I want to be economical, that’s the time that the carelessness emerged. I hatee!!!!! Felt like to cry, felt like to shout aloud, the car digital clock displayed 9:30 already (but in fact the watch showed 9:20 – wah..yet still late to office) but I’d no choice, had to make A FULL U-TURN to house which mean was to burn my petrol for another 17 kms. Hence, in total, I’ve misused my 34 kms petrol today. Minyakk…oo Pak Laahh.

Tried to be economical again..just took a bun for lunch :(

Not really, my stomach has had enough this morning. I took a break to have some rice with chicken, terubuk masin from Sarawak (thanks to Sue) & acar buah (thanks to kak Enon) when I came back to take my forgot-things. That’s tell how a bun is enough for lunch ;). Later!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

rush hour to home

I was about to leave the office yesterday when I heard the cuppycake song from my mobile phone. It's from my house number. Must be the kids. Press the talk sign at my hp and it's my maid (oops!)

Maid: Buk, k**** (tuttt...) ammar berdarah buk

Me: banyak ke? panggil ammar..

Maid: Banyak buk! (passed the phone to ammar)

Me: banyak ke berdarah ammar? Ammar lari2 ke..lompat2 ek? Brp kali dah mami pesann...

Ammar: mamiii (while crying), b*** ammar berdarah.. ammar tak lari, tak lompat

Me: betul ke? banyak dak darah?

Ammar: Sikit jaa..

Me: Nanti pergi klinik. Call abah. Mami nak balik dah ni. Bye!

I rushed home! When I reached home, my husband has arrived and he was cooking. Scrutinize Ammar's b***, can see a little blood. He is wiping the blood with tissue. Aqil was still feeling itchy on some parts of his body resulting from the 'salt petal' (kelopak garam). Promised to bring him to doctor together with Ammar.

Ergo, after breaking my fast and performing solat maghrib, the four of us went to clinic. By looking at the 'specific part', doc confirmed the condition is OK and in the process of curing. The blood might be resulted from the scab that has come off. It should be OK in 1 or 2 days.

Aqil was given two types of allergy pill. Has to take WHEN REALLY NEEDED, meaning when only the body feels itchy.

Off, we headed home. While laying down and breastfreeding Hannah, I took a break to reflect and ponder a moment. May the day onwards will be blessed always by Him. The day must not be superb or amazing, it must not be all magnificent and fantastic, and it may not be even close to radiant. Nevertherless, a sparkling and luminious day would be expected if not much, then a little. I always thankful to Almighty to have luvly children who are just the best at surprises and making us feel special. Though at times, they make me nag and shout to them as they don't listen to me, at the end of the day, these all make me think and reflect the existing of them. Also, a foremost thanks, not to forget, to my husband who has helped me a lot.

Thank you my Lord and all my loves...

Monday, June 2, 2008

castle in the sky

I like to dreammmz during my busy, overload, hectic and boring space at works. These routines have been my chaos and I pray to God that my desire will never kill me. Not like curiosity kills the cat. But this is not curious things, this should be called my inspiration. Without these also I couldn't start my job. A so called motivation for me to start the day. Yeah right!

My dreams areeeee to be capitalist of a three tier shop, next to each other. The building will be built in suburban KL with ample parking spaces. The first shop will be named A & A Stores - 'ur fresh fruits and veggies market (represent the first name of my boys) and will be selling fresh fruits and vegetables only. The second shop will be labeled Mrs Ar Ai Bakery & Café and will be selling various types of buns, breads and cakes plus beverages. A few tables and chairs will be arranged outside the shop. The third shop will be titled lil' hannah collection OR My lil' aspiration OR Sweet Child of Ours (not confirm yet which one will be chosen) and will be selling kids branded clothes. Inside the shop I'll make some space for playground so that the kids who follow their parents to the shop can play while mommy and daddy busying surf the clothes. For parents/buyers who are tired to walk around or have no idea what design to buy, they can surf through the PC which I'll provide in the shop (maybe 2 PCs). They can preview first before heading to the specific shelf/row. Isn't it neat fellas? Or may be still lacking of something? That can still be thinked, planned, added and adjusted.

Tired? Finish shopping? Let's stop over at second shop for some refreshment. My café never limit to the shoppers who come to my shops there but others is warmly welcomed.

Happy Future Shopping my Friends!

Your support is my specialities...

*Thank you for visiting and please come again* :)