Friday, May 29, 2009

Day dream

3 days ago:
The boss came to my workstation with a smiling face. He asked me to come for a while to his place for a quick discussion. He smiled... I smiled back lorrr. Senyum itu sedekah anyway. Why he didn't bother just to call me from his room? Hummphh.. Hahh, while walking to his room, I whispered slowly to me, "he might tell me the goods news..probably! Salary raise?" *hahhah*

After comfortably sitting in front of his table, he said, "Roy, we just got a new project. We got Tabung Haji project wich cost to $$$$$ and bla bla bla. I need your help for the proposal of the system, the commercial price and the cost margin, bla bla bla". Patut pun senyum. Ada udang di sebalik batu. Okkkkkkkk... and I went back to my place start thinking how to make them raise my salary do the proposal. Roy always has a good dream lately but in fact, the reality is really bites. Yeah, in my dreammmmmmmmmzzzzzzzz

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mak and all the moms all over the world.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom of all season

Tears running down the cheeks now… I can’t hide it. Remember mak all the times… who is now still in ICU.

Ayah, your children, relatives, neighbours and all pray for you all the times. May mak will recover and awake from unconscious stage. And we hope mak won’t have any other complications when she’s awake. Kami sentiasa berdoa semoga dijauhkan akibat-akibat yang tidak diingini. Believe it, trust it, our prayers will always be with you. Mak, you must remember that Allah only tests the strong person. You are. You are the strong person, that’s why Allah has tested you and us as well. He knows that you can accept it and we also must accept it whatever that He will grant.

We talked about you last two nights with ayah before going to bed. About all your kindness. All the neighbours said that you are a soft spoken person, never shouted to people, never raised voice to your own children. Oh, how I wish I’d be like you.
Often, we only think and talk about someone’s kindness when she/he is in critical condition or is no longer in this world. Ya Allah, berilah peluang kepada kami dan juga mak. Sihatkanlah mak kembali supaya kami masih dapat menghargai jasa dan pengorbanannya kepada kami selagi dia masih hidup.

I miss your cucur udang. I never find a tasty cucur udang as yours. I can’t find it at KLCC food court, popular restaurant, pasar malam, pasar Ramadhan or even stall down the road. It’s been sold there but not like yours. My mom’s cucur udang is the best cucur udang in the world for me. It’s kuah kacang is yummilicious. I’ll also miss your laksa (the kuah is important) and gulai ikan. Mak, cepatlah sembuh ya, cook me all these before one of us will see Allah.

We hope that mak will conscious soon and will smile to us again. Amin.

Happy mother’s day mak.

Not only on mother’s day, we will celebrate you every day.

Sincerely yours,

(Your daughter who terribly miss you now)