Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Part IV

Fouth day (4/4/09)
We start our journey to JKT at 9:30 am and arrive there at about 12:00 pm. We have lunch at nasi padang restaurant there before checking in at Grand Tropic Suites Hotel. Here we rented Family Suite to accomodate the 'many us' (3 bedrooms, complete with kitchen, living area and dining area, etc) while Sue & family rented Business Suite.

After refreshing ourselves, we off to Ciputra Mall. Shopping sakan gak sini. Penat. No need to explain more.

Fifth day (5/4/09)
Last day to shop!
We spent money and time *ngee* at Cempaka Mas. Last year we did came here also. So, we shopping sakan jugak here. Penat. No need to explain more. I would recommend for visitors to come here rather than go to Mangga 2 (although I never go there). From husband’s experience also. He’s been to Tanah Abang, Mangga Dua and Cempaka Mas. They are about 6,000 shops at CM compared to 4,000 shops at M2. Tak terhabis pun satu hari nak masuk semua 6,000 shops tu. :B

That night, we packed all the stuff in preparation to go home the next day. We took off the earliest flight to KL for the day.

At Ciputra Mall

Part III

Third day (3/4/09)
We spent the whole day to factory outlets on our last day at BDO.
Diaz, Toko 3, Bale Anak, Grande, Jetset, Episode, Heritage and Cascade. By the way, Heritage and Cascade are connected to each other. Don’t miss to go to Heritage and Cascade ok if you at BDO. It’s happening here.

If you don’t mind about ori things, go to Diaz. Here, there’s a lot of leather handbags and shoes as well. A lot of branded imitation handbags and shoes here. They are mostly first class replica. Some people said that Diaz is the handbags heaven..pure nirvana. But by all mean, they are not cheap, but the bags look so real, it will pass as the real thing.
We cannot bargain here. In my opinion, if one wants to buy this kind of stuff, better go to PBTC as we can ask for lower prices but the choices there are not as many as here. There’s a good and contra anyway. I didn’t buy anything here (still looking for ori things *ngee*)

This year I could say that the children clothes at Bale Anak were not happening compared to last year. There were so many brands that were not evident. I was so disappointed coming here (but grabbed some for Hannah, Ammar & Aqil :D). I would say that Heritage & Cascade is better in term of children variety design and brand clothes.

Grande, Jetset & Episode are near to each other. So just make one stop i.e at Grande, then we just can cross the road to go to the other FO. BTW, House of Donatello (sell shoes) is just around the corner but we didn’t have a chance to go there as we just down to the wire short of time.
I aimed to come again to Grande as I wanted to grab the G2000 shirts and slacks for office work but couldn't find any this time. Last year there's a bundle of that type selling here. The stock must be different every year, so don't expect much. What you got last year, didn't mean you could get this year and vice versa.

Our supir told us that Toko Tiga is the best shop to buy jeans. Toko Tiga sells original jeans with the lowest price compared to other outlets as it acts as an agent/distributor. But not all brands of jeans are here. There’s a Levi’s, Lee Copper, Piere Cardin, Diesel and some other that I forgot already. I’m looking for LV or Guess jeans. Sorry, that type of brands haven’t had here.

We were so frustrated when we realized that there’s a lot of things that were happening at Heritage and Cascade when only we had only 30 minutes before the FO would be closed for the day. Sue & I would like to come back the next day if we could but we already scheduled to leave for Jakata at 9 am (on the next day). Huhuhu…huwaa….

All the pics still not uploaded yet.. later kay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Part II

We checked in at Karang Setra Hotel and cottage (we choose cottage) at about 5pm. After refreshing ourselves, we headed to Sriwijaya Keramayang Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant provides Sunda food. The Sunda food is tasty. For me, it is better than nasi padang.
We asked our supir to go to Rumah Mode afterwards. I got LV jeans for me and Sonoma blouse for Hannah. The boys got their Guess Jeans, 2 pairs each. I could say that the jeans and children clothes are to my taste at Rumah Mode. Blouses were not to my desire here.

Second day (2/4/09)
While husband and Pok Ya entertained the kids at hotel, me, Umi, Sue, Hannah, maid & Azim (the emerging of him was so important! Tukang carry barang2) were brought to Pasar Baru Trade Center by our supir. We spent there from morning to evening. Bought a lot of things? Of course! MIL was so excited shopping here.

We just realized that we haven’t had our lunch yet when we were about to leave the PBTC at about 5 o’clock pm. Called them at hotel and heard the weak voice (sbb lapar menunggu the shoppers!) *ngee ngee*

As it approached the dinner time, we skipped the lunch and just waited for our supir to bring us for dinner. When hubby asked, nasi padang or sunda, everybody voted for sunda food. So, off we went to another sunda restaurant. This restaurant is so nice. This time we chose the hut style seat and we have to sit cross-legged (bersila). There’s imitation river running outside the hut. So cool. The sunda food here is better and tastier compared to a night before.

That night was also "The Night in History" to me. There's a tragedy that are so menyakitkan, terrified, fear, memalukan. I could see everybody was in panic term though they hide didn't show much. Thanks God, the holiday was not spoilt by me. :B

Outside the cottage. Waiting for supir.

Behind is our cottage

In the cottage

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rombongan Cik Kiah (5 days 5 nights)

My MIL name is Rokiah by coincidence, so the title is match enough to tell the whole story :).
This is my second trip to Bandung and Jakarta. I would conclude that shopping is heavenly at Bandung (and JKT as well) as our currency to Indonesia currency is very impressive now compare to last visit (last year).

Despite the heavy workloads, I’ve to update this soon as the demand is very high from my prens who asked me many times and who is waiting their turn to go there soon. I write this as it will be a guidance and tips to them. Aku tulis sikit2 ya Lin, Anis, etc…nanti aku charge ;)

First day (1/4/09)
We reached JKT at 8:05 am Indonesia time. Our loyal supir was already there waiting for us. We headed to Safari Park (again!) first. We stopped by at Restoran Sederhana for lunch. We had yummilicious nasi padang there.

We came to Safari park again just because to make the kids enjoy before they would start to make their long face as the mommies and daddies would start their true color activities at Bandung. *giggle*

I've also posted the pics on Safari Park visit last year at BDG-JKT (Taman Safari Indonesia).
Later, we headed to Bandung and stayed overnight there. Our real activity started on that night. Hold on girls for more updates. ;)