Thursday, September 29, 2011

My rendang ayam

Yesterday I tried my skill cooking rendang ayam. I’m very choosy when comes to buy or eat rendang ayam since I only eat the one that taste good and so far my sis and cousin’s rendang are the best for me. Last raya when I dropped at my cousin’s house at Kuala Kedah, she served us with rendang ayam. Wow, her rendang was so marvelous I ever taste in my life time. Starting from that, I like rendang but I still would compare with hers when eating at other houses/restaurant. So far, hers is the best. And starting from that, my eldest son love rendang very much and insisted me quite a number of times to cook that. So, where did I go to rely on for best rendang? Not to my cousin yet, but I searched internet and found MyResipi blog. Now, I always refer to this blog for any recipe I want to try and alhamdulillah, menjadiiii.

So last night mommy had the courage to make rendang ayam for the first time of her (my) life and guess what…my sons praised me and told me that it was so delicious while a husband threw a smile. Hence, I’m a pRouD mOm last night. The boys asked to cook again today. Ohh my, can we try other recipes sons?

Forgot to capture that yummy rendang but it look like if not saling tak tumpah seperti ini, but a little bit like this.

To the owner of the blog, if you come across to my blog, apologize me since I copy the pic from your blog without your permission. I hope you give the consent J Thank you dear.

Care to share the recipe.

Bahan-bahan ( satu family )

· 1 ekor ayam-dipotong ikut suka

Bahan2 digiling:-

@ 10 ulas bawang merah

@ 4 ulas bawang putih

@ 15 biji cili api

@ 15 tangkai cili kering

@ 1 inci halia

@ 1 inci lengkuas

@ 1/2 inci kunyit hidup

2 batang serai dititik

2 helai daun kunyit dihiris halus

4 helai daun limau purut dihiris kasar

4 cawan santan pekat

4 sudu besar kerisik

Garam, gula dan serbuk perasa (ikut suka)


1. Masukkan ayam dan bahan giling dan serai- perap lebih kurang 1 jam. Sometimes I could not hold to wait for 1 hour, tried just for 20 min, it should be ok then.

2. Masukkan ayam ke dalam kuali. Masukkan santan dan masak hingga mendidih. Masukkan daun limau, daun kunyit, kerisik dan garam. Masukkan juga perasa dan gula jika suka.

3. Masak ayam hingga empuk dan agak pekat. Sedia dimakan dengan pulut kuning atau nasi himpit. Or simply eat that with rice.