Friday, November 7, 2008

The truth is.....

Definitely, the story didn't end here. It continues, repeats and will never end.

I was "touched" by the numerous questions about my previous entry. Sorry folks, I don't mean to be like a boy and a sheep tale but the intention is there and I'm still arraying the proper words and right step for that One Fine Day.

Mama even asked me to ask myself what is the type of woman I prefer, career woman or to be at home. The answer is both. Huhu! How should I explain?
i) I love my career as I can gain experience and update my knowledge day to day AND the most important thing is I have some $$$$ at the end of the month, that I can fulfill my passion for handbags, shirts, kids' clothes, etc. Oh my!
ii) If I were to be at home, I can focus on my children needs and they should be more managed. But I guarantee, just gimme 2 months at home and I'll surender, phewww! I will choose to work rather than staying at home.

But, IF..THEN..ELSE pseudocode doesn't work, I might jump to step 3... open my own business. Hah, what should I sell? What type of business?........can't announce yet.

Thinking twice, why should I wait for another 3 years to make it equal 10 years being in service here. 10 years... I might have an honor from mgmt. They should give me something in return of my loyalty for 10 years in service. Huh! in my dream. But if it is true...thank you.

Thinking thrice, working more than 5 years here, one would say that I should feel comfortable then. There's some good and bad angles. Lumrah!
Despite the mgmt attitude - let's minus that!-, amongst all, these are the list that might persuade myself:

a) Though there's stated time to start work, hey, there's still a flexible time for me. Maybe for me *wink*.

b) The pantry is just 10 steps forward from my workstation and untie is very kind to do coffee or milo for me even though I don't ask to.

c) Still have time to go back home, lunch date or shopping on Friday break hours.

d) STRATEGIC workplace location. My workstation is to the right of the second office entry and that's only for my pathway. Others have to go to the left. So I hope nobody bother me much. But there's some CNN who like to disturb me come in the wrong time . Sigh!

e) The season parking at office basement (sponsored by the company).

f) My immediate boss is so cool and he look likes my brother. Susah nak dapat boss macam ni rasanya.

Hope the lists are pleased enough to convince me and make me continue my career here until I open my "dream" business! Ya right!!!

Thanks folks for all the supports!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One fine day

One fine morning, in the boss's office:-

m: I affirm and certain to tell you that I'm resigning. I'll follow the procedure by giving 3 months notice. I'll distribute and handover all my errands to the right candidate during the period.


b: (looking pause). May I know whether this is the final decision? Why Roy? You have any other offer? Better offer?

m: To be frank, I don't get any offer and I don't look for any job. To be frank, I enjoy to have you and other staff as a company. It just that I don't enjoy working here.

b: Then, Roy will be a housewife? Looking for kids?

...shrugged and thought hard...

m: I want to be a writer! *&^ (hah?)

b: mean you want to be a freelance writer or a writer with a monthly pay?

m: (what a question?) Emm... may be both.

b: You said that you don't enjoy working here. Can you tell me is it because of the pay, the works or the mgmt or anything.....?

m: The mix of them may be. (FULL STOP, please dont ask further...anymore..gee)

b: Ok, if that's the case, I actually couldn't stop you. You've made the decision, but we must think that the grass here might not greenest but we don't even know whether the grass at the new place is greener.
I don't want you to go as I know you've been here for 7 years...

when suddenly I just remembered.......

m: Oh yes right! Exactly, today is my 7th anniversary working here.


I believe the story doesn't end here.