Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ammar&Aqil birthday 2008

Thanks to all friends and relatives who have come to merry our sons' birthday party celebration.

The first intention was to celebrate at McD or KFC but Mr A insisted to do at home. We only invited close relatives, neighbors and friends who by accident know about their birthday.

Thanks Ita and Hairul, for the early bird turned up and for lending the hand and rally round ;). Very appreciate it.

Sorry for any lacks in entertaining as I wish you all to make yourselves at home and hope you all enjoy the food.

The boys said thanks a million for coming to celebrate their birthday and for all the gifts.

This is the gifts from mommy:- chocs & books:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oops!...I did it again!

I told you, I've reminded you many times but your stubbornness..ahh..ahh..I don't know what else to say!
I was on MC from Wednesday to Friday. As usual, need a good rest actually after completing tender but ended up doing "something else".
It's the boys exam week! That means, as usual, gegaq gempita as always:- reviewing, teaching, shouting. Oh God, please make them behave like when my husband is with them.
I've opted to have a good rest after the boys went to school on the afternoon but ending up to KLCC. Hey..this the only time that I'm available for shopping, ALONE . Oops!...I didi it again!

Walking up and down from north to south, 1st to 3rd floor, of course I got "something" that blew up my purse, UNPLANNED. Hey frens, the Levi's was on season clear stock and Hallmark blouse & skirt and Elle sporty skirt for Hannah got some price slashed down. I mustn't turn down the offer. The Levi's is worth buying as I am looking for that for such a long time after my last purchase on 1994 at Scottsdale Mall, AZ..huhu..but still fit on me. Phewitt!
Went home only after pleasing with the purchase.

On my way down to car park, I was in the lift with a very beautiful chick chinese lady and the other was a chinese male with a blonde dye hair. My eyes was on the lift door when I heard the man asked, "excuse me, the lift not going down to concourse area, right?", with American-like slang (ha!ha!). I, automatically, without looking at him first, replied, "nope, you have to take another lift to C level", tried to converse in AZ-like slang (ghah!ghah!), when suddenly I realized, opps, he PURPOSELY, I reckon, wanted to ask the lady. The lady just smiled at him and nodded, agreed with my statement. That must save her words, I guess. Kacau daun betul aku, he wanted to tackle that lady. LOL!

Felt my right heel and right lower bum mashed after reaching home. OMG! this is more than MC. Just took the very unsatisfied nap and woke up when I felt like to eat yong tau fu. Ergo, I was off to TM night market. The night market there is always happening. There even got like a Reject Shop. I would always love to go there but I seldom have time. I didn't realize how much time I had spent there till I heard the ringing from Ammar at home.
"Mommy, cepat la balik, nak buat ulangkaji ni, dah pukul 9 lebih, makan pun belum lagi".
"OK, mommy on the way". Prentending! huh!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God knows what I did today

The clock showed 3 am. After making sure Little H was sound asleep, I went downstairs to search any cookies or whatever food that could feed my tummy. Of course, some Eid biscuit still on the table. Stirred and sipped some milk to give back the energy. Oh God, it's so sick but I firmed to fast tomorrow. Haven't started my Syawal sunat yet. Went back to bed and only woke up when the sunshine was about to smile at me. Ahh, please, not gonna missed my Fajr prayer. Fortunately, I made it.

Afternoon - Ahh I felt so terrible inside, sakitnya Tuhan yg tahu. I prayed for God to make my way easy and can go through it for the day but ..ahh..aku tewas! WITH MY REALIZATION, I stepped to the pantry and God knows what I did.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hungry like a wolf

I was “too focusing” on the works today that I don’t realize the time showed 1:30 at noon. Oh no! had passed my lunch time. Where’s everybody? Why they didn’t care to ask me to go out for lunch?! Ohh..I’m the rose among the thorns today! That’s answered!

Hurriedly put all the “valuable” things from my handbag into the drawer. Just grabbed purse and handphone. Go down and walked to SC. Scaled up the stairs, I bumped into ex-officemate on the reverse lane. “Hey Roy, bila nak buat open house” Walking hurriedly and without stopping, I shouted, “tungguuuuuuu, will inform..” (but will I conduct the open house this year maa?). Just words of “persuasion” to him might be. Huhh!

Entering the lobby of SC, huh what is this..Aussino Sale on the go! I was not acknowledged about this. The salesgirl said they have rented the lobby for sale for quite some time and the offer gonna end this 21/10. She said most of the things have been sold. Beautiful things must have been taken then! Aaa..How come I don’t know. Peek, peep, glance..that’s some that I admired. Wait hah, going to 2nd floor first for food. Reaching 2nd floor, ahh just remembered that I brought the purse without money in it. I recalled during distributing the things into the drawer, I put the envelope that contains money into the drawer. I, so, like waggle a stick in the hole, got RM2 and it’s enough for 8 pieces of cokodok and 2 pieces of cucur udang. Huwaa! Such a good lunch isn't it? :(

Run down to Aussino sale, there’s one quilt cover that catched my eyes. Promised to myself to come back this evening to get that. Hoya!

Aidilfitri 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak 2008


I guess it's not too late to wish all the viewers Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin. Raya was OK and fun enough. Our theme this year is lavender.
Ramadhan, as well, was OK and peaceful for the whole family. Alhamdulillah Ammar had fully fasting throughout the month whereas Aqil missed just for the first day due to not feeling well. Due to that, they got the rewards from abah. Huh, we can't always teach children to give reward if they successful done that for certain occasion. They have to do it sincerely though. Yeap, maybe for this year. But, not to deny, I can see that they did it in sincerely way. Alhamdulillah!