Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another a year

Our little girl just turned 2 last Tuesday.

We haven't planned to throw the party as 'mom & dad' are so bz.

So, last Tuesday after coming from work, I just bought a cake and planned to celebrate among ourselves at home. We did. Then only abah came home when the cake was already finished. Didn't expexct him to come home so early. He asked to eat out cum celebrated Hannah's birthday. The boys voted out for Pizza Hut. Ergo, we went there. Bought another cake again to bring to PH. Special guests are, who else if not, Adib and Diba ;). Hehe.

Abah, mommy, abang-abang dan semua doakan semoga Hannah panjang umur, diberikan kesihatan & keselamatan terbaik, sentiasa dirahmati-Nya dan bahagia sokmo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farewell to Kak Yong ang family


They were going to LA for a few years. Yes, they are now at Los Angeles. Great!

We went to their Suite Apt last Sunday night to wish good bye, hug and kiss for the last time. But, we will definitely meet again...somehow, somewhere, anywhere......

Bon Voyage.

Don't forget to courier us nice handbags from there ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After some times ....

It's been a long time since the last time I posted the blog. Reasons: busy, busy & busy, even coudn't have time for blogging.
No update means the blog is dead, isn't it? People come and go just to see there were the same old stories. :B

So, here is the wrapped up for the whole unpublished stories (Warning: there might have the story that I forgot to tell. Hence, not all are in here. Anyway, there is some at least :B )

Housewife vs househusband
I would like to give a big clap to Mr Hubby and to grant him an award of THE BEST HOUSEHUSBAND for 2 weeks.

That's because the maid was on leave for a month. We hired mother-in-law for the first two weeks and the last two weeks was supposely the alternate days for me and husband to take turn look after the children. But, it turned out that Mr Hubby had to spend most of the time with them as I coudn't leave my works for so long as all the bosses at the office would miss me very much. Thanks for Mr Hubby who understood and supported me throughout the tough time. Phewitt!

But, it didn't mean I let all the housechores to him. Came week ends, despite the rest days, it was totally tired days. I preferred the week days instead then, so that I could go to office and you know why :B.

Thanks God, the maid managed to come on time and I hope I can manage my time back to normal.


Being brief and studied repeatedly for SCAMPI B.

The result just "a litte OK" than SCAMPI C. Huhh! Have to make sure SCAMPI A is tip-top. Preparation? Just follow the flow larrr......

So pity! I've not been extremely shopped eversince mom sick. Reason:
i) went back home every weekend (5 weeks in a row) starting 1/5.
ii) "nothing" to buy (ye ke?????)
iii) "short" of money (ni baru betul!)

I just had the chance to go to the nearest shopping mall yesterday and see many new fashions and trends. Oh how I was so left out. It just 2 months, yet there's so many I've been not catched up for shopping things. But the good side is, it taught me to save the money invisibly, but.... in reality the money still decreasing. I wonder how and I wonder why ... :P
I keep on praying for a blue sky, I keep on searching through the rain...