Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spread the Award

Thanks Hez for the award. I just knew it this morning when I opened my blogsite. it's been for "ages" since the last time I came to my site. Times really kill me, don't they?
To viewers and my dear friends who read this, please care to spread the award and do it at your own pleasure.

It's been quite interestingm moments to share for the past one month. Good story, sad story, touch story... too many and too much that touch my heart. Too many that I want to do, too much that I want to achieve. What is my priority? That the question that I should ask to myself.

God, make my heart firm and let me set what I really want with the redha of you. Please accept my prayer and grant my du'a for I'll always pray my heart won't easily forget you even though in 1 second.