Monday, November 22, 2010

Segalanya indah di sini (Part I)

Our journey started on 10/6/10. Alhamdulillah we were invited by Him. It was very unexpected that we would go in 1 family. Our original plan was me and Hannah first. Then husband would do his umrah after I came back. But, Alhamdulillah our prayer were answered. It is a true experience and couldn’t be forgotten. Once we went, we wanted to go again, really. It’s not a pretending story or a created film.

Now I know why my two brothers and wives keep repeating visit the Holy place every year. I once teasingly asked them, “why don’t you guys go to other counties such as Australia, US, UK, bla bla”. Hemmm, hinakah pertanyaan itu? Astaga. I know, if they can go there every year, they should have extra money. Sorry, I didn’t know until I found the TRUE ANSWER myself.

Before heading to Holy land, we spent 3 days at Madinah Al-Munawarrah. I would say that this beautiful land of Rasulullah is updated faster than the Holy land. Hotels are mostly 4 to 5 stars. Very comfortable. With the beautiful bathtub, hot water, LCD TV screen and beds are well arranged. The distance between the hotel is between 100-200 meter to Masjid Nabawi. We could go to the mosque every prayer time easily. Masjid Nabawi is very beautiful. I love the umbrella cum roof at the outside of the mosque and of course the inside of the mosque, MasyaAllah.

Teringat semasa ke Raudhah. Raudah adalah rumah Nabi dan bau-bauan Syurga dapat dihidu bila berada di sini. It was so hard to get into here actually as the entry time for women is limited. The time to get in is just for 2 hours, one after Asar and one after Isyak. I made the first attempt on the first day. Had to bring Hannah as nobody was available to look after her. Husband still at Malaysia. His flight was 2 days away. He would headed straight to Mecca and we promised to meet there.

Hannah was sleeping when I brought her into Raudhah. Alhamdulillah she was safe and soundly slept even though the environment was jostle and crowded. People pushed here and there. I thought everybody should behave when we are entering the good place. I couldn’t pray while in Raudhah as it was so crowded, moreover Hannah was in my arm, so I just did my doa. As we are given just a short of time by ‘petugas’ di situ. Hurriedly after made my doa, I made a move to the exit lane. Then only I remembered to visit Maqam Rasulullah saw. No way to turn as I would go against the lane if to go back and the ‘petugas’ had already shouted, asking to get out. Just pray from the far. Hannah was sleeping all the way until we reached hotel, MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, Kau telah menyenangkan urusanku.

On the second night, Elly (cousin) was available to look after Hannah. I determined to go to Raudhah again as this was the last night for us in Madinah. This time, I easily got to the front line in Raudhah and prayed. Then moved nearer to where the Maqam Rasulullah located although we couldn’t see anything. Women can’t see Maqam Rasulullah from women site but men can see easily from their site. I made doa here and sent my friends’ and relatives’ regards to Rasulullah. Ammar and Aqil told me that they could see clearly the Maqam Rasulullah and his friends', Saidina Abu Bakar a.s. and Saidina Othman a.s. Ammar and Aqil told me, “Keranda Saidina Abu Bakar besar sangat dan panjang dari keranda Nabi, mami. Keranda Saidina Othman pun panjang”. MasyaAllah, seronoknya mereka dapat melihat dengan jelas.

The next day, we headed to Bir Ali untuk berniat ihram before continuing our journey to Holy land. We reach Mecca Al-Mukarramah at about 12 am. After checked in the hotel, our leader, that is my brother, asked us to gather at lobby before going to Masjidil Haram and Baitullah and furtherly did our first umrah (Umrah Rukun). I left Hannah with Elly at hotel (as Elly situation couldn’t permit her to do umrah at that time). Walking down the lane to Masjidil Haram, we said Labbai kallah humma labbait till the end and repeatedly. While the heart was so nervous, preparing to see Masjidil Haram and Baitullah LIVE. The distance was about 250 meters. We made dua when first seeing Masjidil Haram and ….. my eyes was wetted with tears. Impatiently to see the next, that is Baitullah, while the heart was dup dap dup dap. Oh Lord, grant me to see your Holy House. I’m afraid I couldn’t see. Forgive my sins. Feeling that the journey from entering the door of Masjdil Haram to the Baitulalh was so long. It’s only my sense. Mana ni, belum nampak nampak lagi. And suddenly, MasyaAllah. With the naked eyes, I could see the beautiful Baitullah. Subhanallah. Masyaallah. Allahhuakbar. Berlinang airmataku lagi. We made the dua (including doa pertama kali melihat Kaabah).

Visiting the Holy place make us ‘insaf’, aware and realize how small ourselves. While trying to imagine the real land in zaman Rasulullah, it is only a little that we can see nowadays. It is a little bit sad when we see skyscraper building surrounded the Masjidil Haram namely The Hilton, Al-Safwa Tower, etc. Shopping malls are everywhere and small shops are numerous. But we should take and think these all as a development and improvement to the jemaah.

Alhamdulillah, I concentrated my heart to do shopping (for remembrance and bought some souvenirs) only at the end of my journey. I focused my heart to fully worship, InsyaAllah. I was not perfect of thinking that but I was trying. Hannah, as well, remained her good manner there. As she is the youngest jemaah in the group, she was treated as entertainer for the group during meal time and visiting places J . She would sing for us while we were having lunch, dinner and tea time and also on the bus. Thanks Allah for rewarded me such a witty bright and good girl like her. Tak susah bawa dia ke Holy land. May be with the help of YOU. She would follow to pray with her ‘own way’ when I was praying. Husband will carry her while doing tawaf and saie. Once, during saei, she wanted me to carry her in my arm. I felt like Siti Hajar bringing Nabi Ismail in her arm while berlari-lari anak mencari air between Safa and Marwah, MasyaAllah. But during her (Siti Hajar) time, it was so hot with the sun on top of the head. Siapalah kita nak dibandingkan dengannya! Now, we should thank more as the saei is performed under the roof with the respective lane from Safa to Marwah and from Marwah to Safa. Allah memudahkan kita semua. Syukran.

After we completed our Umrah Rukun, the azan for the Fajr prayer echoed tenderly. We waited there till we performed the Fajr prayer together (berjemaah). After praying, the handphone rang, and it was from Mr Hubby. He’s waiting outside. That was the first time we gathered after about 5 days we didn’t see each other ;B. He has completed his Umrah Rukun before we reached the Holy land actually. I would consider that as an awesome meeting. Pertemuan anak-beranak di perkarangan Masjidil Haram. We walked to hotel together to meet Ms Hannah.